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The Lee County Tax Collector is an independent Constitutional Officer who serves as an agent to the Florida Department of Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles.  Our office is responsible for the issuance and renewal of Florida driver licenses and identification cards.

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The Lee County Tax Collector has  six office locations conveniently located throughout Lee County.

Document Requirements

Every person who wishes to obtain a driver license or identification card in Florida is required to show specific documentation to prove their citizenship/immigration status and identity. Florida’s requirements follow federal regulations set forth by the Department of Homeland Security’s Real ID Act which was designed to improve security and help reduce identity fraud.

First Time Drivers

All customers applying for a Florida license will be required to meet minimum vision requirements and provide identification documents for issuance. Please see our document requirements section for more information. Customers must be 15 or older to obtain a Florida Class E Learner Permit. The following information pertains only to customers who have never had a driver license anywhere before. Customers with a driver license from another state or country should visit our  Frequently Asked Questions page for licensing requirements.

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Out of State/Country Drivers

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Out of State

Customers who hold a driver license from another state can have all written and skill exams reciprocated with the exception of motorcycle endorsements from Alabama. Customers cannot hold a license or ID in two states at once; obtaining a Florida driver license will invalidate any other state driver license or ID. 

Out of Country

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The exams that are reciprocated can vary depending on the country you are from. All out-of-country drivers that possess an out-of-country license can have the Traffic Law Substance Abuse Education course exempted. Standard document requirements must be met for all applicants, even if they hold an out-of-country license.

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Commercial Licenses

Drivers who wish to obtain a commercial driver license (CDL) for the first time in Florida are required to have a valid Class E Florida driver license and pass vision requirements. All applicants must be at least 18 years old. CDL drivers under 21 years of age will be restricted to intrastate only, meaning they may only drive commercial vehicles within the state of Florida.

Driving Records

Certified and non-certified Driving Records (transcripts) are available for purchase through our offices. You must be present with your ID to receive a Driving Record. You may not purchase a driving record for another person. 

Suspensions & Revocations

For information regarding Suspensions and Revocations and to check the status of your Florida driver license visit the Florida Department of Highway Safety (DHSMV) website.


The following information is provided to assist in calculating the fees for a driver license or identification card transaction. A new photo is required any time a card is issued from a tax collector's office. Please visit  Document Requirements for acceptable identity documents for driver license and identification card issuance.
Cash, check, money order, debit card (PIN required), and all major credit cards are accepted.
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